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Sawborg Destructo is a Frankenstein-like creation of Techno's, built from cadavers and enhanced with cybernetics. He joined Techno, along with Bozo Destructo, with the original Scumdogs under the Master's reign, and has since taken part in trying to stop GWAR

SAWBORG can be reached through INSTAGRAM at @sawborg_destructo 


Sleazy P. Martini is the Gwar character who fictionally discovered Gwar, taught them to play and is their manager. In Reality Don has been part of Gwar since 1985, singing, writing film making and designing and sculpting costumes and props. 

Sleazy can be reached through his website


The Impact Wrestling X Division Champion. At 22 years old and less than 5 years in the industry, the One True Ace is one of professional wrestling's most innovative and fastest rising stars today; sweeping through the independents, appearing on WWE 205 Live & MLW before landing a top spot Tuesday nights on Axs Tv for Impact Wrestling.


Danny Flamingo

Straight from "DA PARISH" Danny Flamingo is a top Super Star for Wildkat Pro Wrestling based in New Orleans.

He can be reached on Facebook

PJ Hawx

Dropping into your social media feed is this young up and coming Super Star from Wildkat Pro Wrestling.  Yes he is the one who jumped from the food court, 30+ feet in the air, into the ring!! 


He can be reached on Facebook


The leader of the "HOUSE OF HARPER" stable and manager of some of the greatest Pro Wrestlers to go through the New Orleans territory.  

He can be reached on Facebook