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Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster)

Butch Patrick is an American actor and musician. Beginning his professional acting career at the age of seven, Butch Patrick is perhaps best known for his role as child Eddie Munster. He will be attending the show and will be bringing Dragula and the Munster Koach cars.

Jim Shooter

Jim Shooter is an American writer, editor and publisher for various comic books. He started professionally in the medium at the age of 14, and he is most notable for his successful and controversial run as Marvel Comics' ninth editor-in-chief, and his work as editor in chief of Valiant Comics. 


Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster)

Butch Patrick is most well known for his role as Eddie Munster in the original 1964 sitcom The Munsters. And most of the movies that followed. Including Munster Go Home, and Here Comes the Munsters. He did many others movies unrelated to the Munsters franchise


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